Engage your audience,

enhance your atmosphere,

bring your vision to life.

We specialise in bespoke visual design, transforming spaces using custom lighting and video control systems. Contact us now to find out more.

With our industry knowledge, technical expertise and creative skills, we can offer you a range of services to create the perfect visual experience.

Visual Design


Lighting Control


Video Mapping




Video Projection




Whether you're looking for a long term installation or a one day event, Lumastar can work with you to design the perfect solution. Here are some of the industries we love working with.







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Lumastar Blog

This is the Lumastar Blog, where we’ll keep you updated about our latest work and interesting new projects!

Introducting Lumastar

We’re excited to have recently rebranded from EDWARDOtme to Lumastar. This change was made to give our business a more distinct identity, with an easier to recognise name. We’ll still be providing the same great products and services, and working with all the clients we know and love! Read more...